"blood, bone, root, stone, tooth, horn, rock, thorn"

Hello, mellon. This is my not completely organised blog, where I put my thoughts and ideas, which had birth in my fairy mind. Enjoy your stay and have a pumpkin juice.

31AUGUST21 I want to dive in the pond of eternal silence, mute my senses, forget about the pain that drills my bones hollow. A bird in the eye of the storm, eyes closed, drifting in the soothing water.

29AUGUST21 In the forest where I am not, black birds silently stare at the pale sun rising above the horizon. Their beaded eyes seem lifeless, but there is life in them, a spark of darkness that would like to swallow the sun, swallow the stars, feed on their screams.
In the forest where I am, the moon adorns the black canopy of night guarding me. Only the night hides me from the eyes of dead ravens piercing the daytime dreams.
Night. Day. Night again. I run from my own fear, from that part of me that has long been bathed in poisonous light.

Smooth Sailing